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All Chapter members have an opportunity to be active participants in our Chapter! Below is a list of committees with a brief description of the responsibilities, as well as the Board member who oversees that committee. As your schedule allows, please consider how you can bring your area of expertise and past talents to aid your Chapter.

You can contact the respective Board member directly with questions or to join the committee. We’ve tried to make it easy for everyone to participate!

Board Member: Communications Director:  F Christopher West, Industry Partner Representative for Pentimento Lighting and Furnishings,

Creative Brief:

Duties: Works closely with the Communications Director to create the monthly newsletter using Constant Contact. Develops content submitted by Board members, design community, and from the general membership. Works with Administrator who gathers and resizes photos to accompany articles and creates links to relevant sites. The Creative Brief newsletter is published monthly, Eblast emails are published weekly. Must be comfortable working with online technology.

Desert Design Magazine:
Editorial Staff:  Dede Radford, Industry Partner Representative for Dunn-Edwards Paints; Angela Martin-Newman, Allied ASID; and Bonnie J. Lewis, Allied ASID

Duties: Develops the editorial plan based on a pre-determined theme striving to maintain a balance of editorial content to advertising content. Edited content is submitted to the graphic artist for layout. Proofs are reviewed by the editor and editorial staff for corrections and edits. Upon sign-off of the final proof by the editor and/or Communications Director, it is sent to the printer for printing and distribution. The magazine is published quarterly.

Social Media:
Chair:  Edie Parsons, Student ASID,

Duties: Monitors and posts updates to the Chapter’s social media sites of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, to name a few, with content approved by the Communications Director.

Chair:  OPEN

Duties: Maintains the Chapter Website,, with yearly, quarterly, and monthly updates and acts as liaison with web host, DSA Publishing.

Membership Directory:  Communications Director

Board Member: Membership Director:
 Janet Jackson, Allied ASID,

Chapter Meetings:
Chair:  Erin Linstrom, Allied ASID,

Duties: Assists the Membership Director with event planning. Uses a committee of volunteers to oversee details and ensure that publicity deadlines are met, and events run smoothly. May assist with accommodations for speakers and other activities as needed.

Chair:  Rick Emrich, Industry Partner Representative,

Duties: This committee meets and greets all members at events, making them feel at ease in the crowd by introducing them to other members. Ambassadors make sure there are always Chapter members on hand who can answer questions about the Chapter and ASID membership. Photographs events for chapter media use.

Business Technology:
Chair:  Suzanne Daley, Industry Partner Representative for Alyshaan,

Duties: Coordinates speakers and events that encourage technical and/or business advancement to Designers to improve their knowledge and use of technology as it pertains to the design industry.

Membership Recruitment & Retention:
Chair:  Open

Duties: Works with the Membership Director by contacting all new members and welcoming them to the Chapter. Makes follow-up calls to any lapsed members to ensure they are aware of their membership status.

Board Member: President
: Gretchen Palmer, Allied ASID,

Chair:  Keith Stanton, Allied ASID,

Co-Chair: Open

Duties: Organizes the design competition call for entries, entry submissions, and arranges for judging of the entries. Oversees all aspects of the event planning for the annual Awards Gala. Coordinates with the Chapter’s media sponsor and Chapter sponsors to establish the date and follow all necessary advertising requirements. The Chair works closely with the President who oversees all activities, including establishing a theme, publicity, and all coordination and event planning of the Awards Gala.

Board Member: Finance Director: Jeanette Knudsen, Allied ASID,

Chair:  Cathy Kominsky, Allied ASID,

Duties: Works together with the Administrator and Communications Director to promote the event to the public. This annual event runs in March and April of each year and consists of matching clients (the public) with designers to provide a maximum of two hours of consultation to each client. Monies are received by the Chapter to support Chapter activities and student education.

Board Member: Finance Director: Jeanette Knudsen, Allied ASID,

Co-Chair:  Diana Rollnick, Allied ASID,

Co-Chair:  Amy Strang, Allied ASID, 

Duties: Works together with the Administrator and Communications Director to promote the event to the public. This ongoing event consists of matching realtors with designers to provide a maximum of two hours of consultation. Monies are received by the Chapter to support Chapter activities and student education.

Board Member: President Elect: Jewell Blair, Allied ASID,

Chair: Beth Donlan, Allied ASID, & Lei Ronda Golden-Grady, Allied ASID,

Duties: Develops a home tour that showcases ASID Arizona North Chapter’s Interior Designers’ talent. Determines venue/locations and executes schedule of events for each day.

Board Member: Professional Development Director:
  Christina Forrest, Allied ASID,

Professional Development Day:
Chair:  Karen Barnes, Industry Partner Representative for The Elegant Window,

Duties: Creates an event promoting professional education and business development for practitioners. Event creation includes locating the venue, choosing the topics and speakers, marketing the event, and coordinating with the Chapter administrator for registration of attendees.

Emerging Professionals:
Chair:  Malyn Romero, ASID,
Co-Chair:  Cynthia Howe, Student ASID,

Duties: Assists the Membership Director by engaging emerging professionals – ASID practitioners with five years or less experience – by welcoming them into the Chapter, inviting them to serve in appropriate Chapter leadership positions, and providing and hosting events of interest for this target audience.

Board Member: Finance Director:
Jeanette Knudsen, Allied ASID,
Chair: Open

Duties: TBD

Student Career Day:
Board Member: Professional Development Director
Christina Forrest, Allied ASID,

Chair: Tabitha Evans, Allied ASID,

Duties: Assists the Professional Development Director in coordinating a round table discussion with professional Interior Designers. The day provides learning seminars, resume and portfolio review, and mentorship from top professionals.

Student Charrette:
Board Member: Professional Development Director: Christina Forrest, Allied ASID,

Chair: Tabitha Evans, Allied ASID /

Duties: Assists the Professional Development Director in creating an event that introduces the student participants to learning the inner workings of the NCIDQ exam. The students participate in a day-long charette in which they are paired in teams depending on their education level. The top team is awarded a scholarship.   


Board Member: Director-at-Large:  Paula Quan, Industry Partner Representative for Delta, Toto and Brizo,

Chair:  Pam Josey, Industry Partner Representative for Renovation Generation,

Duties: Organizes and hosts a trade show bringing vendors and designers together.  Responsibilities include: Locating venue, contracting caterer & rental company, getting sponsorships, and selling vendor booths to IP members.


Chapter Historian
Board Member: President: Gretchen Palmer, Allied ASID,


Duties: Scans local media publications for mention of ASID members – clips and scans all for Chapter digital history. Receives and scans additional information and/or publications regarding members as may be obtained through donations by the membership.

Community Service:
Board Member: Professional Development Director: Christina Forrest, Allied ASID,

Chair:  Brian Gallop, Industry Partner  Representative for Central Arizona Supply,

Duties: Works with the Chapter’s current charity(ies) of choice. Goals may include volunteer projects and/or opportunities to donate funds/items to help the charity.  Provides project updates and articles to the Communications Director for Chapter media use.

Legislative Liaison:
Board Member: President Elect:  Jewell Blair, Allied ASID,

Duties: Works closely with the Interior Design Coalition of Arizona (IDCA) and its efforts to pursue future legislation that advocates for our profession. Keeps our Board and members aware of the latest occurrences within the legislative community.  Attends IDCA board meetings, events, and promotions. Attends ASID National Legislative Symposium and reports back to Board; writes quarterly articles (at minimum) for Desert Design Magazine.

Sponsorship / Fundraising:
Board Members: President: Gretchen Palmer, Allied ASID, and  President Elect: Jewell Blair, Allied ASID,

Representatives:  Open

Duties: Encourages individuals/firms/vendors to assist funding Chapter activities, primarily relating to the Chapter’s annual Design Excellence Awards Event. Uses the Chapter’s sponsorship forms, distributes sponsorship opportunities to membership, and follows-up regularly via telephone, email, and personal visits. 


ASID Arizona North Chapter
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7650 S McClintock Dr
Tempe, AZ 85284
Phone: 602-569-8916

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