Ernesto D. Garcia, ASID

School: Faculty of Architecture & Urbanism - University of Tucuman - Argentina - 6 Year Architectural Degree
Company: Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC
3150 E Beardsley Rd
Suite 1048
Phoenix, AZ 85050-3562 map
Phone: (602) 867-2244

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Designer Profile

An architect by training, Ernesto is a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers and is licensed with the National Council for Interior Design Qualification. Between 2005 and 2013 he has received a total of 12 Design Of Excellence Awards from the North Arizona chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers including the 2012 First Place for Residences under thirty five hundred square feet.His projects have been extensively published in interior design magazines and books, including the Spectacular Homes of the Southwest 2006 edition. Three of Ernesto's homes have been in the ASID North AZ Chapter Tour of Homes in the past two years. In his twenty years of practice he has shown extraordinary versatility, designing residential and commercial projects that range from traditional to contemporary styles.

Ernesto is originally from Argentina, he holds a Masters of Architecture. Growing up and during his early years of practice he traveled extensively throughout Europe, sketching churches, old villas, piazzas and museum art from painting to sculptures. This early exposure to European Art and Architecture has been a tremendous influence, which is quite visible in his work.

From French and English Country to Contemporary his stylistic versatility comes from his exposure to all things European combined to the rigorous Modernist training he received as an Architect. Both worlds come together with great refinement in his Eclectic work. He embraces the philosophy that we should be grateful for our historic legacy but should be people of the present who manifest our times in the spaces we live in.

Ernesto worked as an Architect and Interior Designer in firms from the East to the West Coast before settling in Arizona. His work, traditional and contemporary, is well known in Arizona where he has a vast list of devoted clients. He has also made over 40 television appearances on variety shows, including Sonoran Living, Arizona Midday and Cool House.

Services Offered

Ernesto Garcia, ASID provides complete Interior Design services including total project concepts, surface selections and merchandise for New Home Construction and Remodeling. He addresses every category of residential and commercial design.

In detail his services include:

�Residential and Commercial Design
�Traditional, Contemporary and Transitional Styles
�Specifications for New Construction and Remodeling
�Selection of flooring, tile, stone, wood and carpet
�Layout and Style selection for Cabinetry, Built-ins and Hardware
�Plumbing Fixtures and Faucets
�Doors, Trims and General Finish Carpentry
�Paint Selection, Decorative Finishes and Wall Coverings
�Furniture: Upholstery and Case Goods
�Window Treatments: Draperies, Shutters and Shades
�Lighting Fixtures and Lamps
�Artwork and Accessories
�China, Flatware and Stemware
�Linens and Towels
�Outdoor Furnishings

Talking about his vocation in a recent interview with "View AZ Highlife"magazine Ernesto shared: "I strongly feel that I was put on this earth to create beauty and bring comfort to the lives of others. I think when you love what you do and you see the positive effects of your work in people's lives you cannot help but feel personally rewarded and want to create more beauty. And what an incredible reward it is to see your clients, their families and friends love and enjoy the spaces you have designed for them!"

In the same interview, when asked about the purpose of Interior Design, Ernesto confided: "Interior design, like art, is there to comfort us and remind us of all things that are good and worth living for: joyful times with our loved friends and family, rest, relaxation and restoration of the body, and enjoyment of the senses."

Awards & Publications

2005 ASID "Award of Excellence"
2007 ASID "Award of Excellence"
2008 ASID "Award of Excellence"
2009 ASID - "President's Award"
2011 ASID "Award of Excellence" Residences over 6,000 Sq.Ft.
2012 ASID - 5 Awards including "First Place" for Residences under 3,500 Sq. Ft.
2013 ASID - "Award of Excellence" category "Universal Design" & "Award of Excellence" category "Fixtures"
2014 ASID - "First Place" category "Furniture Design" & "First Place" category "Singular Space"

Fee Structure

* Hourly Fee
* Cost Plus
* Fixed Fee

Bare Essential Living Room
Bare Essential Living Room
Eastern Abode - Family Room
Eastern Abode - Family Room
Eastern Abode - Family Room
Eastern Abode - Family Room
Mountain Living Great Room
Mountain Living Great Room
Mountain Living Breakfast Nook
Mountain Living Master Bedroom
Mountain Living Down-Stairs Family Room
Mountain Living Girls' Room
Mountain Living Back Deck & Dining
Territorial Update Kitchen
Territorial Update Kitchen
Territorial Update Bathroom
Territorial Update Bathroom
Traditional Desert Great Room
Traditional Desert Great Room
Traditional Desert Great Room
Traditional Desert Great Room
Traditional Desert Great Room
Eclectic Dining Room
Eclectic Dining Room (Detail)
Eclectic Living Room
Eclectic Living Room
Southwest Contemporary Living Room (Detail)
Scottsdale Elegance - Entryway
Scottsdale Elegance - Dining Room
Scottsdale Elegance - Powder Bathroom
Scottsdale Elegance - Master Bedroom
Scottsdale Elegance - Master Bedroom View 02
Scottsdale Elegance - Bathroom
Scottsdale Elegance - Makeup Room
Scottsdale Elegance - Tub Faucet Detail
Scottsdale Elegance - Window Seat
Scottsdale Elegance - Kitchen View 01
Scottsdale Elegance - Kitchen View 02
Scottsdale Elegance - Breakfast Nook
Scottsdale Elegance - Living Room
Scottsdale Elegance - Living Room Detail
Scottsdale Elegance - Nursery View 01
Scottsdale Elegance - Nursery View 02
Scottsdale Elegance - Media Room View 01
Scottsdale Elegance - Media Room View 02
Scottsdale Elegance - Covered Patio View 01
Contemporary Living Room
Condo Remodel - Dining Room
Condo Remodel - Custom Buffet
Contemporary Living Room
Contemporary Kitchen
Contemporary Wetbar
Contemporary Bathroom - Universal Design
Contemporary Bathroom - Universal Design - View towards closet
Modern Hacienda Kitchen
Southwest Contemporary - Custom Fireplace
Southwest Contemporary - Family Room
Southwest Contemporary - Living Room View 01
Southwest Contemporary - Living Room View 02
Southwest Contemporary Kitchen
Southwest Contemporary - Dining Room
Southwest Contemporary Master Bedroom
Southwest Contemporary Guest Bedroom
Southwest Contemporary Master Bath
Classic European - Living Room
Classic European - Inside the Living Room
Old World - Living Room
Old World - Master Bathroom
Old World - Master Vanity
Old World - Guest Vanity
Old World - Kitchen
Relaxed Southwest Elegance - Great Room
Relaxed Southwest Elegance - Dining Room/Kitchen/Hallway
Relaxed Southwest Elegance - Dining Room
SW Mountain Style Living Room
SW Mountain Style Dining Room
SW Mountain Style Master Bath
Condo - Living Room
Condo Dining Room
Condo Living Room - Detail
Condo Foyer
Condo Guest Bedroom
Condo Office
Eclectic - Office
Santa Barbara Foyer
Santa Barbara Dining/Living Room
Santa Barbara Master Bedroom
Santa Barbara Kitchen
Remodel - Living Room - After
Santa Barbara - Living Room
Remodel - Breakfast Nook - After
Remodel - Kitchen - After
Santa Barbara - Dining Room
Remodel - Dining Room - After
ASID - Award of Excellence 2008
ASID - Award of Excellence 2007
ASID - Award of Excellence 2005