ASID Arizona North Chapter enriches its members and the profession by providing knowledge, opportunities and relationships.

Here is a complete list of member benefits:
• Listing on the national designer referral service
• Marketing and business resources
• Networking with industry peers through chapters and virtually through CONNEX
• Exclusive access and discounts on contracts, insurance, credit cards and cell phones
• ASID printed and electronic publications (ASID ICON, Eye on Design, Newsflash)
• ASID UNi, the new online educational resource
• Use of the ASID Member appellation
• Significant discounts on STEP preparatory program for NCIDQ
• Career Starter Kit for new Allied members
• Access to member’s only section of the ASID website
• Access and discounts to ASID educational programs at conferences throughout the country

Thank you For Keeping Your Professional and Contact Information Current!
The beginning of each month we will be updating our membership lists on our local web site. These lists come from National and it is important that each of our members contact national to update their own account profiles on a regular basis. Enclosed are instructions to update your profile on the ASID National web site. If your information is correct at the time of download with National, it will be correct on our local web site. Please review you information within the next few days so we can have your correct information available for the next update cycle.

1) Login In: first name.last name.membership number   Password: Membership number
2) Click on:     Go To My ASID
3) Confirm: Account Information.
Under Membership, Programs and Services
4) Select: Profile Update
5) Select: Maintain your Personal Profile Information.
6) Click: Update Here. Make corrections as needed.
7) At the bottom of info page, Select Continue to confirm or Reset.
8) After confirming the information Click: Correct
9) Log Out and Log Back In to confirm changes.

NOTE: Attempting to keep members account information uniform in all databases, from our local website can no longer update basic account information, as we have be doing during the first version of our new web site. As of this week, if attempting to change account information from our site, it automatically links you into National, prompting you to make changes there. Although, all members of ASID AZ North chapter continue to have the ability to update limited profile information, such as, designer description, services, awards, select business categories.

It is very important for each member to keep all of your own account information changes with National updated on a regular basis. Please note that it may take as long a month to show the updated account info on our local site. We are sorry in advance for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding. For all issues pertaining to membership account information please continue to contact ASID National the ASID AZ North Chapter Administrator at (602) 569-8916 or

Renew you Membership Online!

Are you using the correct ASID Appellation after your name?

If you find that you are using the ASID Appellations incorrectly
please correct it immediately.

Please verify that your info is correct on our local ASID web site. If it is incorrect please contact National and have them verify and correct your information in their membership database.

After correcting account info with National, it should be corrected
on our local ASID web site designer listing, the following monthly membership update.

Under ASID bylaws, professional membership in ASID recognizes an interior designer as having completed a course of accredited education and equivalent work experience in interior design, and having successfully passed the NCIDQ examination. These members have achieved the highest levels of accomplishment and knowledge in their field. The public, consumers, other designers and affiliated professionals acknowledge the “ASID” appellation after an interior designer’s name as the hallmark of professionalism. Allied membership in ASID is for practicing interior designers who have a four- or five-year bachelor’s degree with a major in interior design or architecture, or a two- or three-year degree or certificate in interior design.

A professional member of ASID is the only member entitled to use the appellation without stating his or her qualifying membership classification, e.g., John/Jane Doe, ASID (FASID if a Fellow of the Society).

ASID members in other membership categories are permitted to use the following designations:

Allied Member John/Jane Doe, Allied Member ASID
Student Chapter Member John/Jane Doe, Student Member ASID
Industry Partner Member (Company) ABC Company, Industry Partner of ASID
Industry Partner Representative (Individual) John/Jane Doe, Industry Partner Representative for ABC Company

The membership designations must be spelled out completely. (Note: “of the American Society of Interior Designers” may be substituted for “ASID.”) No other modification or deviation is permitted.

The appellation for professional members and the designation for other members may be used only in conjunction with the member’s name. Members may not utilize any form of the name of the Society or the ASID appellation in conjunction with a firm name, even where the member’s name is encompassed in the name of the firm. A member may in no way imply, through advertising or other means, that employees of his or her staff or firm are members of ASID unless that is in fact the case. Members may be identified only by the appellation or designation consistent with their status in ASID.

In addition, practitioner and student members may not use the official ASID logo in any manner. Professional members in good standing may use the ASID Professional Member logo. Industry Partners may use the Industry Partner logo.

If you find that you are using the Appellations incorrectly please correct it immediately. It may be necessary to contact National to have them verify and correct your information on their records before it to be corrected on our local ASID web site.

For more information on the ASID Code of Ethics go to Members/Code of Ethics on this web site.

Click here for direct link to ASID Code of Ethics.


ASID Arizona North Chapter
P O Box 8190
Phoenix AZ  85066
Phone: 602-569-8916

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