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The ASID Arizona North Chapter welcomes you as a integral part of our design community! This portion of our Website features information that we hope you find informative.

Our goal is to make this Website user-friendly and informative, but we need your help and input. We invite you to contribute. Please send your comments and/or articles to or to your Student Representative to the Board at and

Keeping Your Contact Information Current Is Important!
Each month we update our membership lists on our Chapter’s Website. These lists come from National so it is important that each member contact National to update their account profiles when you have a change in status or contact information. If your information is correct with National, it will be correct on our Chapter’s Website. Instructions to update your profile are detailed below:

2) Login: first name.last name.membership number
3) Password: Membership number
4) Click on: Go To My ASID

Under Membership, Programs and Services

5) Select: Profile Update
6) Select: Maintain your Personal Profile Information.
7) Select: Update Here. Make corrections as needed.
8) After confirming info, at the bottom of page, press Continue.
9) Then Click: Correct
10) Log Out and Log Back In to confirm changes.

If you have any problems with changing your account information, contact the Administrator at

If you have questions about using our Website, please email or


ASID Arizona North Chapter
P O Box 8190
Phoenix AZ  85066
Phone: 602-569-8916

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